Warring Kingdoms Preview – Armory and Kickstarter Reward Levels

While citizens of other Aventurian nations may consider the Warring Kingdoms to be backwards in some ways, none question their skill at the forge. The Armory of the Warring Kingdoms explores the weapons and armor of Nostria and Andergast, and even covers some of the region’s clothing, food, and drink.


Warring Kingdoms Preview – Hero’s Breviary

Players (and gamemasters) who enjoy immersing themselves in the world of Aventuria will love The Hero’s Breviary of the Warring Kingdoms! This journal-sized book is a series of in-character writing similar in style to On Aves’ Path.


Warring Kingdoms Preview – New Bonds and Ancient Quarrels

Adventuring in the Warring Kingdoms is fraught with danger, and it is easy for travelers to get caught up in the bitter conflict that pervades the region. Even a wedding intended to unite the two nations in peace may not be safe…


Warring Kingdoms Kickstarter Launch Time and Rules Preview

Our official Warring Kingdoms Kickstarter launch time is now

Friday, June 23rd – 10am Eastern/2pm UTC/4pm Germany


Why You Should Play an Edeinos from the Living Land


Warring Kingdoms Kickstarter Preview

We’re trying something a little different with the Warring Kingdoms Kickstarter, which will be launching next Friday, June 23rd!


Why You Should Play an Elf from Aysle



Torg Eternity Pledge Level Breakdown

“Well there’s your problem.” – Quinn Sebastian

The Torg Eternity Kickstarter launches in less than 24 hours!


The Near Now Approaches

The Torg Eternity Kickstarter launches in two days!


Why You Should Play a Resistance Fighter from Tharkold


Humans have suffered under the thumb of the technodemons of Tharkold for hundreds of years. You’re a former slave who managed to escape your shackles (and your explosive collar) and joined the resistance, fighting for the freedom of your people.  Isolated cells have fought a desperate losing battle against the Dukes of Tharkold for generations without hope of success.

Until now.


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